Sissy Vanessa Loves Sissy Training

Vanessa has been showcased on my MP3 sites for quite some time. Vanessa is one of the submissive pets that dangles from my every word because she has been so decadently hypnotized and brainwashed by me… but here’s a secret… Vanessa loves being lured. Vanessa loves having her brain exploited with the luring and the needing.

She likes to act like she is passive, but there’s photos of her with cock on the internet already. Just how passive is that, hmm? Vanessa needs an alpha male to push her fantasies to the forefront. Vanessa needs someone to push past all her excuses and use her body. She needs her tummy and hips stroked while she is mounted. She needs to smile into the camera while a big cock and pointing at her face.

This is what Vanessa needs.

Do you want to train with Goddess as well?

I always suggest my mp3s. My mp3s are the perfect way to get lost in your head… and to also check to see if our idea of sissy fantasies match up.

Sissy Hypnosis – you and I both already know what you are, sissy. And in this 20 minutes of hypnotic sissy training you will better learn your place.

Sissy Costume Party -You know you want to come to this costume party, sissy. Let’s get you dressed up to play the part you know you want…to be MY sissy. (11 minutes)

Panty Tease – 8 minutes of ME Taking you to the store to try on Panties with meeeeee.. and a surprise for you

Sissy Fembot 1 – Just let Me make a few adjustments to your programming…tweak a few things on your new chassis. Voilà!! Now you are one of My prissy little sissy fembots programmed to obey in this 10 minute brainwashing recording.

Sissy Fembot 2 – 8 minutes of Me refining My sissy Fembot protocols previously placed in You. You will not be able to delete this from hard drive.

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