Sissy Hypno Audio

I understand that you’re coming here for sissy hypnosis. Sissy hypnosis can be powerful for pets that have the mindset to be played with.

Sissy Audio

You were searching for this, so obviously, there’s a sissy side of you that wants to play, right? First let me tell you about myself.

I am Lexie. I was an internet fetish icon on Niteflirt for about 15 years. From the time I was 18 until now. Now, I am a young attorney in South Texas that’s trying to find my way and carve a path for myself.

My sissy Mp3s and recordings help give me a passive income while I am working on all of those.

What do I suggest trying first?

This is a link to a free audio recording at Niteflirt. It will ask you to pay 10 cents for it, but you’ll see the recording underneath. It is NOT a sissy recording. It is just a free sample of my voice. It is just a free sample of me showing you what I sound like.

This will also allow you to get a Niteflirt account which can be essential to finding so many Goodies and recordings that could make you fall in love with me and my Sissy Transforming WAYS! What else do I suggestion?

I suggest you check out my Goodies:

Buy from SororityBrat through
This is a Sissy Goodie Bag with Erotic Hypnosis Training Mp3s. I think in particular, this one is called, “Sissy FEMBOT 1 &2. These DO cost… but I believe they are painfully erotic and exactly what you are looking for.

Where you hoping to get ahold of me? You can contact me at on Skype. Or just TheSororityGirl … the different version of Skype do that differently.

Sissy Mp3s and Feminization Training

My name is Lexie.

I’m a longtime veteran on Niteflirt that has been here for a long time…

I started out as the young, college coed SororityBRAT who knew better than anyone  how to manipulate  and torment you. 

Want pictures? I suggest checking out
my Goodies section. I also suggest this set of multiple nylon photos: Thigh
High Stockings

I absolutely PREFER Sissy Mp3s.

Sissy Fembot 1 – Just let Me make a few adjustments to your programming…tweak a few things on your new chassis. Voilà!! Now you are one of My prissy little sissy fembots programmed to obey in this 10 minute brainwashing recording.

Sissy Fembot 2 – 8 minutes of Me refining My sissy Fembot protocols previously placed in You. You will not be able to delete this from hard drive.

Sissy Fembot Cum Countdown – 11 minutes of Fembot bliss as we initiate your Bitch clit program. Sequence engaged,

I have morphed and transformed into
this young sounding, teasing, tantalizing Domme who understands all the
methods and manners of MIND CONTROL, Coercion, TEASE and Denial,
Cuckolding and Sissification…. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE the mind games. I
adore pushing all your buttons.

I SPECIALIZE in MP3s, Chat Sessions,
Email PTV Sessions. I am super busy with  my final semester of
law school, so scheduling a call is BEST. Email me to set up a date.

What MP3s do I reommend?

The Divorce Attorney – You catch your wife cheating. You hire me
as your attorney. I play the game to completely ruined and torment both
you and her. THIS is exceptionally fantasy based…. it’s also quite

Sensual Sensory Training Brainwashing – Trigger Play – This is a
whirlwind of Sensory Mind Games and SENSUAL tease. You will feel me
take over every sense you’ve got in your body.

Love Spell – This is an enchantment mp3 that completely reformats
your brain and needs. This is sensual. Sweet. Perfect.

Bound 2 – Stocking Hypnosis and Mind Control – This is one of the
most SENSUAL Mp3s I’ve made  during my entire tenure on
Niteflirt. There is NOTHING better.

Empty and Blank 1
– Want your mind wiped clean? Want to feel like I’ve taken you over?
 Listen. Obey. Adore.

Personalized Sissy Training with Sissy Recordings by Lexie

Sissy Vanessa has been dressing recently. She’s been trying to make Goddess Lexie happy by doing as she’s told and looking for real, alpha male cock. It’s amazing how far Vanessa has came from the beginning. She now has this deep-seeded sissy urgency to get cock, to be obedient, to slink down to her knees and suck off a man. Vanessa is a sissy slut who needs an alpha to take her.

If you’re looking for Sissy Training from a FEMDOM Domme who understands the Sissy Fetish then playing with Goddess Lexie might be for you!

Below are a few sissy recordings you can purchase from Niteflirt to get a feel of what it’s like to play with Goddess:

Amazing Sissy Strapon Recording : $3 :

Bound Sissy Bitch: $5 :

I’m on yahoo at TheSororityGirl
You can also contact me on SKYPE at TheSororityGirl.

Sissy Training MP3

Are you wanting a sissy video? Are you wanting a Sissy Mp3 for training?

Sissy Audio MP3s for training are important for turning you into the Sissy Fag you want to be!!

Were you wanting to play?

I play on Niteflirt where it’s completely anonymous. This is what you need.

Sissy Training VIDEO! Sissy IMAGERY. Going Under.

Or go check out my other DOMME BRAT MP3s: