Sissy Training MP3

Are you wanting a sissy video? Are you wanting a Sissy Mp3 for training?

Sissy Audio MP3s for training are important for turning you into the Sissy Fag you want to be!!

Were you wanting to play?

I play on Niteflirt where it’s completely anonymous. This is what you need.

Sissy Training VIDEO! Sissy IMAGERY. Going Under.

Or go check out my other DOMME BRAT MP3s:


My name is Lexie. I’m a veteran on
Niteflirt that has been here for a long time… I started out as the
young, college coed SororityBRAT who knew better than anyone
how to manipulate  and torment you. 

Want pictures? I suggest checking out
my Goodies section. I also suggest this set of multiple nylon photos: Thigh
High Stockings

I have morphed and transformed into
this young sounding, teasing, tantalizing Domme who understands all the
methods and manners of MIND CONTROL, Coercion, TEASE and Denial,
Cuckolding and Sissification…. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE the mind games. I
adore pushing all your buttons.

I SPECIALIZE in MP3s, Chat Sessions,
Email PTV Sessions. I am super busy with  my final semester of
law school, so scheduling a call is BEST. Email me to set up a date.

What MP3s do I reommend? My fantasy MP3s and Sissy Mp3s are the best. No doubt. That’s not just me trying to promote myself.

The Divorce Attorney – You catch your wife cheating. You hire me
as your attorney. I play the game to completely ruined and torment both
you and her. THIS is exceptionally fantasy based…. it’s also quite

Sensual Sensory Training Brainwashing – Trigger Play – This is a
whirlwind of Sensory Mind Games and SENSUAL tease. You will feel me
take over every sense you’ve got in your body.

Love Spell – This is an enchantment mp3 that completely reformats
your brain and needs. This is sensual. Sweet. Perfect.

Bound 2 – Stocking Hypnosis and Mind Control – This is one of the
most SENSUAL Mp3s I’ve made  during my entire tenure on
Niteflirt. There is NOTHING better.

Empty and Blank 1
– Want your mind wiped clean? Want to feel like I’ve taken you over?
Listen. Obey. Adore.